Here is what customers who bought a Ringhoe, unsolicited wrote to me :

” Last year I was on a trip to the island of Funen. , In a shop at Brandt’s clothing factory case I came across your ringhoe . It looked funny and I thought that I could try one , and now it’s best garden tool I own. ”

” It does not require so much effort to use and you ‘re not going to chop the edges of neighboring plants. I have many perennials and it is especially great to use ”

” The world’s best hoe is from Fyn – rather Bloxbjerg on Funen. Lars Lund, he says: “I can not get my arms down from the excitement”. The cutting device is round and has no protuding edges to damage neighbouring plants ”

” The Ringhoe is very efficient and pleasant to work with”

” It ‘s not just goo , it ‘s great ! – I have never weeded so much and with so much pleasure. I believe in 100% organic gardening , and when we avoid using poison, manual gardening work is fun ”

” It is supergood in strawberries, and I have a 1 acre of strawberries! ”

“I have done so much advertising for your Ringhoe to my friend in Holland, he also wants one ”

” An interesting and well thought out quality product ”

“I bought one last year for my old arthritic mom at 82, she is extremely happy with it , so now I order one more to a good friend’s birthday ”

“Sincerely, the happy owner of a ring hoe ”

“Bought a Ringhoe from you 14 days ago ….. and have since praised it among friends … ”

“I am excited to be the proud owner of a Rnghoe ”

” My wife praised it today and she is critical ! ”

“Your product is good in my rose bed ”

” As I said, a really good tool ”

” Hope to see more products with the times”

” It is the” philosopher’s stone “, that you have taken on ”

” It has the great advantage that it is easy, and unlike other garden tools, it just does not feel heavy , they are heavier , the longer you work with them. Therefore, one can just keep using the Ringhoe ”

“I have Friday retrieved my lovely ringhoe . It is absolutely amazing – I have test driven it, but the soil needs water ,
so you can not send a proper flush ! In short, I am already very happy with it = -O ”

” I have just received it, and I’m super happy with it – now I weed my garden in under half an hour – thank you . ”

” The ring-hoe is an ingenious tool “

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