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About Bloxbjerg Design
> About Bloxbjerg Design

Bloxbjerg Design is a design and development company specializing in manufacturing and mechanical engineering. The founder of the company is Petter Bertram, engineer and for several years self-employed product developer .

Bloxbjerg Design is situated in Otterup, on the Island of Funen, Denmark.Here the entire lower floor of Petter Bertrams private residence is dedicated as a development and production workshop with lathe , milling machine and other necessary special tools.

Recently, Bloxbjerg Design has experienced great success and growth throughout Europe with the Ringhoe. The Ringhoe incorporates several construction and design patents unique to the product,
- It is by far the best weeding tool available on the market today ! and literally makes gardenwork a breeze. Feedback from both professionals and hobby garderners who have purchased the Ringhoe to date have been more than satisfied. .
Sales are made via the webshop on Bloxbjerg Designs website. The Ringhoe has been purchased for example by, design shops, landscapers, hobby gardeners and many Danish municipalities are also among the regular customers.

The Ringhoe is in every way a complete product. The super sharp ring is made of stainless steel , the screws used are acid-resistant and will never rust , and the shaft is of Danish ash wood of the highest quality. The ring holder is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon and is virtually indestructible, ensuring a long life.

Bloxbjerg Design - Agernæsvej 19 - 5450 Otterup
Tlf. 30 72 86 92 - E-mail: info@bloxbjerg.dk - CVR-nummer: 27 89 32 60