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Garden Therapie
> Garden Therapie

The world's best medicine

By TINE Tholander

A team of Swedish researchers have found an effective cure for stress and burnoutness - having therapy. And the results are so good that Denmark is in the process of copying the project.

Are you exhausted at 3 PM ?

So enjoy the relaxing sound of water and the healing power at a picnic and enjoy the the tingling sensation of grass between your toes . Nature is the best and most effective stress therapist.

So believes a group of Swedish researcher, with landscape architect and biologist Patrik Grahn in the lead.

World famous therapy garden
Over the past five years, Grahn and a team of different researchers was stressed, burned out and depressed people in Skåne world famous therapy garden where the classic psychotherapy plays second fiddle to soft rabbits , flowers and rolling fields .

And it's certainly not hard to understand why patients feel relaxed and comfortable there .

Behind the garden's red-painted picket fence flowing robust idyll around for a nature adventure universe - as it had fallen out of the Astrid Lindgren brain . Flower beds are exemplary passport and the red wooden house smells of coffee and summer. Time stands still here . And that 's the point . For the users rather not do much other than to enjoy nature.

Rest of the world is watching
Havens patients have on average been sick with severe physical and psychological symptoms for two years before they get to the Swedish hamlet Alnarp . After 16 weeks in the mighty garden, 67 percent begins to work again, 66 per cent have less pain, and 100 per cent experience an improved body image . The Swedish government estimates that a total of 40 per cent is great .

The impressive figures have been from countless practitioners from abroad to learning curiously at Scania to lure them the trick of - including Denmark .

And within eighteen months , the north Zealand town of Hørsholm offer burnt out Danes 12 weeks of serenity in a replica of Grahns rural stress center. There is a need for new therapies for the large group of patients who otherwise have to endure a life on sickness or disability benefits.

"There are many of our patients who have undergone many forms of therapy , without having helped before they get here. But here they feel that they get a new start in life , "says Patrik Grahn and looking happily out onto the garden tree line in the distance. From the terrace, the swing sofa offers views of virtually all kinds of wild Nordic vegetation as far as the eye can see .

To the right of the tree house is a large rabbit hutch, according to Patrik Grahn, it houses both a grumpy and a happy bunny :

"When you hold a soft animal or a child at the chest, the body releases the hormone oxytocin, which has a calming effect. So we encourage our users to talk or pet the animals . Furthermore, many of those who can not bear to be with other people, and therefore prefer animals. The grumpy rabbit is a challenge. When you have fondled it, you can really be proud of yourselves, " says project manager.

Scheduled wildness
Although the case of nature, nothing is left to chance in Alnarp garden. The place is carefully made with soothing colors and different textures. The little fields are bounded by high hedge, so you can rummage in the land of peace, and several sites have shrubs and bushes grown wildly , so you can hide in it.

" Firstly, the garden can be as cozy as possible, so here feels safe. And then there has been thought a lot about color combinations. Flower beds consist of blue and white flowers, as the two colors are soothing. Generally we stick to green and pastels and far away from the more strident as yellow and orange. The sicker you are, the worse you can cope with strong color impression , " tells landscaping and therapeutic gardener Frederick Tauchnitz who have helped to design the garden.

" Evolutionary we have easy to understand nature's signals. We know exactly when there is danger , and therefore we need not consider it in the same way as we do with all the signals we get from such things as television, which is why the helningsprocess is much faster. Our psychotherapist who also offer therapy twice a week, has been working with stress and depression for 40 years and she can not understand that the recovery goes so fast , "says Patrik Grahn .

Feel the body
It is not only soul peace that you can recover by having therapy. Foreign studies with several hundred pre-school children shows that the more the little ones are staying in nature, the greater their ability to concentrate, focus and balance.

"It's very unfortunate, because children spend more and more time in schools and institutions today. In this way, a portion of their senses, which are not activated or overburdened , "says Patrik Grahn .

The Swedish pioneer says that the research team can not quite figure out why it is healthy and necessary to use all the senses in nature, but they can see that it works. The particular type of therapy affects both heart rate, blood pressure, concentration and stress levels and removes physical pain.

And so it is of course time to learn to relax.

Patrik Grahn says

"We have many patients who were previously senior executives , who simply had to relax . So during the first few weeks they are asked to cut a stick. It must always walk around with in their hands to remind themselves that they must remember to take breaks . No matter what they do.

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